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The Pediatric OT, LLC is a new private pediatric occupational therapy practice located in Carrollton, Georgia. Natalie Grooms, practicing therapist and owner is passionate about serving her hometown community. The Pediatric OT is a place where kindness meets solution! Call today to schedule your child's first appointment!


The pediatric OT offers many serviceS for your child:

The first step is often an Occupational Therapy Evaluation.  If your child qualifies for therapy, treatments are scheduled to address your child’s weak areas.  The Pediatric OT serves children ages three through high school with a focus on the following areas:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Handwriting
  • Visual processing skills
  • School readiness skills for preschoolers and kindergarteners
  • Keyboarding (3rd grade & up)
  • Self-Help skills such as dressing/fasteners/shoe tying, self-feeding, & grooming/hygiene
  • Executive functioning skills
  • Self-regulation strategies
  • Social-emotional skills

*Please scroll to the bottom of this page for explanations of the above areas.

The Pediatric OT also offers the following additional services:

  • Home consultations (in isolation or as a support of your current OT program)
  • Parent/caregiver/community trainings
  • Public/private school inservices for the Fine Motor Box (other topics upon request)

In-person or virtual appointments are available. Currently all services are self-pay with optional superbill for possible private insurance reimbursement.

Contact Natalie for rates &/or questions:


Phone- 678-390-0761


kid writing letters for test

OT Evaluations

The Pediatric OT offers full, comprehensive evaluations for children ages three through high school.

hand squeezing a ball open, like a pac man

Fine Motor Skills

Improving fine motor skills impacts so many areas in a child's life. The Pediatric OT is dedicated to making fine motor time fun and engaging ~ your child will hardly realize they are actually working!


Using various hands-on approaches and proven strategies, your child is bound for successful handwriting development with The Pediatric OT! Your child will learn proper letter formations and sizing, as well as how to write on lined paper.

kid drawing a picture

Visual Processing Skills

Visual Processing Skills are foundational for all aspects of a child's day. Visual Processing includes visual motor and visual perception skills.

clipart house with sun and flowers

Home Consultation

The Pediatric OT offers home consultations to provide assistance within the natural learning environment for your child, no matter their age. This home visit can be in addition to your services with The Pediatric OT or even another OT provider.

picture of child writing alphabet

School Readiness

There are so many important developmental skills needed for preschool and kindergarten. The Pediatric OT will screen your child for readiness in the areas of utensil grasp, handwriting, scissor skills, basic drawing, and general alphabet and numeracy skills.

keyboard with magnifier over the word search

Keyboarding Skills

Technological skills are essential. The Pediatric OT will assist your child with proper keyboarding skills and provide an at-home learning program to assure the acquisition of speed and accuracy.

pony beads

Fine Motor Box Trainings

The Fine Motor Box was developed to assist kindergarten teachers with ready-made tasks to support fine motor development. Contact The Pediatric OT for more details and to set up a training for your school or district. Trainings can be in-person or virtual.

earth with different colored paper cut out people around it

Family & Community Trainings

The Pediatric OT exists to support families and this community. By offering trainings to help educate those that care for children, hope is made real.

kid tying shoes

Self-Help Skills

Sometimes kids & teens need extra practice to learn all the skills for dressing, fasteners, shoe tying, and other independent living tasks. The Pediatric OT offers a variety of customized techniques to help your child gain functional life skills.

silhouette with brain

Executive Functioning Skills

Executive Functioning Skills guide all that we do during the scope of a day. Making decisions, staying on task, planning, & organizing- executive functioning is crucial yet often impaired. The Pediatric OT will help your child learn important strategies for a more successful, productive life.

zones of regulation manual

Self-Regulation Skills

Self-regulation is the process that your child's brain goes through to control their behaviors and emotions in response to a particular situation. The Pediatric OT uses the Zones of Regulation Program to help children with this valuable skill set.

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Social-Emotional Skills

Children often need support in the area of social and emotional skills. The Pediatric OT is devoted to empowering your child with strategies that help them to soar socially and to feel confident emotionally.

"You will not find someone more patient, knowledgeable and joyful to work with your child. It is visible that pediatric OT is Natalie's calling; she is so creative in the fun activities she prepares. Natalie makes learning new skills fun."