fine motor box
Where it all began!

The Fine Motor Box (FMB) was originally created by owner, Natalie Grooms as a project for her school district in 2017-2018.  The purpose of the box was to support kindergarten classrooms with fine motor activities that promoted foundational motor skills needed for optimal classroom performance.  The boxes have been distributed in numerous Georgia districts with great success.  Teachers have used the activities as interventions for their students that receive Response to Intervention (RTI) support.  The handy box houses ten different fine motor tasks, most of which are in separate durable containers with individual instructions.  The box is easy to use & children enjoy the activities so much that they hardly realize they are working on vital fine motor skills. What a win-win scenario! 

10 Activities with instruction cards


  • Perfect for an at home toolkit for your child ages 4-6.
  • Includes one toolkit with 10 activities as seen in the video
  • Instruction cards are laminated and enclosed.
  • PRICE: $60 + S/H
  • FREE local pick-up/delivery
  • Perfect for an elementary school K-team
  • Includes 3 boxes, with an option to add more 
  • Includes one  staff training & email support for each teacher.  Trainings are in-person or virtual, depending on your location and needs.
  • PRICE: $175 + S/H
  • Each additional toolkit: $50
  • FREE local delivery
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